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Reconnected to their Legacy, the Swift family is impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit the Swift Factory is carrying into the future.

Jane Gurka, daughter of Allen Swift and her nephews Matthew and John, sons of recently deceased Bob Swift and Matthew's son Louis, came back to the Swift Factory to see how the site has changed since redevelopment! Three generations of Swifts stepped into the legacy of their ancestor, Matthew Swift, who started it all generations ago and marveled at how the factory is leveraging a new entrepreneurial energy for North Hartford. Jane reminisced a whole life spent on the Swift property. From spending warm hours on the Grey House's back porch adjoining her grandmother's bedroom to going to work at the factory directly after graduating High School and continuing until her retirement, Jane filled in the gaps of the Swift Story as we tell it during tours. Deep innovation and creative entrepreneurial endeavor was the secret ingredient to Swift's success. The family was delighted by the completed project and were proud that the space is being used to further their entrepreneurial legacy.

The North Hartford Housing Trust Improving the Quality of Housing in North Hartford.

We developed the Swift Factory Project avoiding the usual gentrification that comes along with traditional development. So we created the North Hartford Housing Trust to acquire properties in North Hartford with the intent of keeping renters in place, improving their living conditions. Best of all, we use North Hartford contractors to complete our projects. Here we have Delores Dunn, Owner of Deloreses Masonry Services, headquartered on Waverly Street, repointing masonry at our recently acquired property at 34-36 Pliny Street.

The flex space is ground-zero as representatives of Trinity Health of New England and the United Way learn from community health care service providers to gain insight in improving health services delivery in North Hartford.

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