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The Grey House


The Grey House will be the location for the creation of a health hub located on the property of the revitalized Swift Factory, would be home to an array of primary care services for the greater North Hartford community, with an emphasis on pediatrics and family health.  The hub will focus on delivering care that embraces the challenges of adverse social determinants of health, builds on the strengths of the community and its residents to improve health outcomes and build a healthier community. The “health hub,” coordinating with a network of clinical and nonclinical providers to address complex medical and social issues currently leading to significant health disparities  in North Hartford.  

The Need

Residents of North Hartford face four intertwined challenges: poverty (49%), unemployment (27%), low levels of education (38% of residents have a high school degree), and poor health outcomes.  Of Hartford’s 17 neighborhoods, the 2012 Hartford Health Equity Index ranked the North Hartford neighborhoods worst in years of potential life lost, diabetes,  infant mortality and infectious disease, as well as among the worst in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Why Swift

In 2015, North Hartford was designated as one of 22 federal Promise Zones, which provides technical assistance and preferential consideration for federal funding programs for 10 years. By leveraging this unique alignment of interests, resources and financial support, the Swift project will preserve a neighborhood anchor, jumpstart a vibrant local economy, close health equity gaps, increase community resiliency, and spark a turnaround in quality of life.


The Swift Factory is an ideal place for a health hub for several key reasons:

  • the central location in an area of significant need

  • access to subsidies and preferred federal funding considerations in the NHPZ

  • connection to a multi-stakeholder health collaborative with active participation and support from the City of Hartford Health and Human Services, Saint Francis Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Cigna, UConn, Community Solutions, Wellville and many other organizations, residents and funders


Furthermore, Swift’s complementary programming, as well as related local efforts led by Community Solutions, present important opportunities to influence nonclinical factors that matter to health.

The Swift Factory is a project of Community Solutions, which works to end homelessness and the conditions that create it.

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