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Ascend at Swift!

The North Hartford Ascend Pipeline holds convening at Swift!

The North Hartford Ascend Pipeline network descended onto the Swift "John McGowan" Campus today for a Pipeline Partners Work Session. "There are a lot of services out there that families have struggled to connect to. Simply put, this pipeline will ensure that, at the other end of it, the families of North Hartford are linked to the services they say they need, not the other way around," said Dr. Paul Dworkin, Connecticut Children’s Executive Vice President for Community Child Health.

Administered by Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, the money from the federal Promise Neighborhoods program created the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline — an initiative intended to benefit about 575 families in the North Hartford Promise Zone by creating and expanding support programs from prenatal care to career readiness.

Today's exercise represents a cultural shift for many partners. Led by the Hartford Data Collaborative, attendees participated in creating a universal data platform for all pipeline partners to share and use data in grant applications and for reporting.

"We're breaking down silos," Courtenay Jackson, City of Hartford Promise Zone Director and Ascend Pipeline Governance Board member said.

"Everyone in this pipeline will be working together transparently." For more information on the Ascend Pipeline go to:

They need to hear ideas from you.

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