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Finding Work At Swift!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Swift tenants collaborate to secure jobs for neighborhood residents.

Anthony showed up at 10 Love Lane saying Dr. Ghazi from Build a Better You, LLC (Our Grey House Tenant) sent him. I asked if he was actually looking for Dr. Ghazi. "No, Dr. Ghazi sent me down here to report to work," he said.

I knew he was convinced, so I checked in with the Swift Team to see if there are any referrals expected and received a text saying Chef Walter is actually starting a Spring Time Hiring Drive at Swift to scale his business into driving force behind efforts at creating community gathering space at Swift.

Chef Walt will be providing culinary ambiance to to our "Sundays at Swift" series being produced by Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. The event begins, March 27 at 12 Noon and will run until 3 pm.. This Sunday, Chef is hosting a "Sunday Brunch", adding flavor and the network his food brings to campus to a sit down dining experience, accentuated by music by Conway Campbell and Friends.

Yes, reserve your spot at this Sunday's event. Enjoy brunch, good music, and a great session with Kamora Harrington , bringing Kamora's Cultural Corner and community engagement activities to the event. The series could serve as a great post-church experience right here in the middle of Hartford's Northeast Neighborhood!

This week helps us realize so many community benefit opportunities in one event! We're activating the Swift Campus for the Arts, Entertainment, and Commerce and providing business operators opportunities to market and produce events that increase their bottom line and, in the case of Chef Walter, helping to increase the community bottom line by using the opportunity to market jobs at the same time he is marketing this week's Brunch!

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