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Future Fund at Swift!

Gov. Ned Lamont Launches the state's Economic Development Week at Swift!

Gov. Ned Lamont addresses Swift Tenants and North Hartford Leaders at Swift!

Gov. Lamont chose the Swift Factory to kick off the state's economic development week! He announced the state's new $150 million initiative to help small businesses recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dubbed the Future Fund, it includes $75 million in state bonding and $75 million from the state's share of federal COVID relief funds. Half of those funds will be targeted to minority small businesses. Our Swift Team was proud to step aside and let our tenants lead in engaging the crowd. It seems Swift can potentially serve as a model for re-investment in communities like North Hartford all over the state!

Here, we have Terraine Jamison, CEO of Build a Better You, LLC giving her 5 min. Elevator Pitch directly to the Governor! Our tenants benefitted greatly from this direct engagement and the resulting direct referrals they received!

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