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Meet Our Tenants

NE Video is on the Swift Campus providing fast, superior video production!

Alonzo Beckett continues to grind toward fulfilling his dreams!

Meet Alonzo L. Beckett, President and Founder of NE Video Entertainment, LLC. (NE Video) located right here on the Swift Factory Camus. Beckett provides production services and makes films “that uplift the people”, according to NE Video’s mission statement. So, if you’re looking for quality video production, NE Video is right here at 5 Corners to document corporate and community events, weddings and maybe even a concept you may have dreamed up yourself. He sees his quick turnaround time on projects as his main selling point. “I can turn a wedding around in 72 hours. Some projects, I can turn around in 24 hours,” he said.

Beckett has long dreamed of bringing quality video services to the community, providing a much-needed media resource.

To him, community is the foundation of everything. “I’m from the 06120, Earle Street,” Beckett proudly said, repping the block he grew up on. He spoke of growing up poor in North Hartford, but said he and his siblings never knew it.

“We had a good roof over our heads. We ate good. We had clothes. We were happy. Mom put it together,” he said.

And Beckett did his part. He didn’t do crime. “I saw my friends get arrested, cops knocking in doors, having to bond out. I was scared of all that. I’m still scared of all that,” he said.

Beckett got a job with ESPN after graduating Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) where he Majored in Communications on a basketball scholarship. He quickly realized he did not like working for other people.

He decided to take his skills back to his community. “I was doing a lot of parties for free. We’d be at parties with a camera, a host, and we had a show,” Bennett reminisced. He put together a street team to scale up his operation. “We were selling the tapes in the community; the candy store, record stores, bodegas, wherever.”

Those days were challenging, but led to great focus and growth. Becoming more time efficient and increasing his role in the community’s narrative, brought him into a sense of purpose. And, he always sought ways to benefit the community around him. It was the birth of my Track House DVD development days. I still use what I learned from my Track House days today,” he said. Later, he created a program called “Crunch Time Youth Services” which teaches local youth editing skills using the Final Cut editing software. They learn their skills in their lived environment, while at the same time documenting it.

These days, Beckett is utilizing social media and digital outlets to produce and has created a fully operating Community-based TV Network with a full line up shows. The idea is to build a creative movement. “We are showing the best of what our community has to offer, Beckett said. NE Video’s website offers a panoramic view of Hartford’s intellectual, cultural and creative talent—from game shows to those promoting community building and empowerment. Topics cover cooking and nutrition, Black History and educational and motivational shows. “I urge you all to follow our network and be apart of this new movement,” Beckett said.

He plans to use the Swift Campus to re-introduce his youth services into his efforts. “As soon as I learned about the project, I knew it would drive a huge impact on this community. Now, that I am here. I am a part of a group of Black entrepreneurs working to do good here. This is a place where you could dream,” Beckett said.

When you are supported by Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad’s Dream Support Network, dreams are not elusive, it’s where it all begins. Also known as, “Number 1 Dream Chaser”, Muhammad hosts the NE Video Network show, “Walk n’ Talk”, highlighting community developments, projects, entrepreneurs and youth movements. He says the partnership is a natural fit. “There are many people out there like us. I have found success, but I don’t mind helping in my community. It's the same with him."

Beckett shared some pointers in making dreams a reality. “Challenge yourself. You gotta get into some rooms where you’re not the smartest person in the room. We act the way we perceive ourselves. If you want a top level clothing line, then act like it and learn what it takes to do it.”

Go to to check out his work and the site’s shows. You can also hit him up on social media on Instagram, and Facebook,

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