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Daring to be Different!

A message from Community First School kicks off its 2nd Year here on the Swift Campus. Help securing school supplies would be greatly appreciated!

At Community First School (CFS), we don't seek to be better. We resolve to be different. New schools often open with the goal to have the highest standards, best teaching and learning, and the list goes on and on. But at CFS, we recognize that all schools existing in our inequitable system will likely repeat the same conditions that led to the inequity. Therefore we ask ourselves regularly, how can we be different? And we call on ourselves to dream for the future. Think about what's next and necessary in education. And to keep love, value, and purpose at the forefront, while believing in each child's gifts and talents within a family and community context in order to bring out the greatness within. Enjoy the following pictures of our first week and feel the energy of our model.

If you would like to support Community First School as we begin our second year, please click the following link to view the supplies list as provided by our teachers. Add your name to an item and purchase it online. Then, send it to the school's address at 50 Love Lane in Hartford, 06112. CFS is independent, which means it receives no state or district funding. Your support is essential to the school's ability to best serve children and families within the North Hartford community. Thank you in advance for your help! Community First School Supplies List 2021-2022

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